How to write an Abstract with Example

Today, we are going to about how to write an abstract. But coming to the main topic i.e. how to write an abstract, do you know what abstract is? What is meaning of abstract and do we write an abstract? Okay, if you don’t know the answer of these questions. Let’s begin with the answer of these questions. After that we will come to the topic “how to write an abstract

Abstract Definition

Abstract means the brief summary of the content. An abstract can be a single page or one paragraph summery. The content can of book, assignment, research paper, documentation etc. Probably you have noticed a short introduction in the beginning of every book whether its story book or an academic book, that is entitled as abstract. Here, under this title abstract you are going to know about what the whole book is based on, that is an abstract gives you the idea regarding what you are going to read. Abstract is written after the title page.

It is written so that, the reader who is going to read the book, assignment or any other document will get to know about the main content. So, it becomes easy for someone to make decision that whether they are going to read whole book or it of their type or not. Abstract helps them to make quick decision regarding the whole content. And reader can have get idea regarding the content is of their type or not.


Hope, now you get a little bit idea regarding abstract. On the basis of this you can know about the importance of abstract in your documentation. Your abstract is going to decide whether the reader will read whole content or not. So, it is very important for you write an effect full, impressive and eye-catching abstract. It is very important that first you finish your writing work then in the end you write abstract.

It will be easy for you to summarize the whole content. In the beginning you don’t have content than how can you summarize it. So, firstly finish your writing work and then come to the abstract. In the further discussion I’m going to tell you about various kinds of abstracts and how to write abstract for particular field and I will surely provide you example of each abstract so that it become easy for you to understand what I’m trying to tell you in this article.


APA Abstract Example

Here, I would like to give you some examples of Abstract. So, that it will be easy for you to how you can write an abstract.  Abstract can be written for books, documentation, research purpose, journalism article, assignment, doctor prescription, etc. so the content of abstract varies from the topic to topic. But APA abstract mostly used for academic purposes, research papers. So, here I’m providing you some examples of APA abstract.

Apa abstract follows some standard rules. So, before writing an APA abstract just make sure that you are aware about APA abstract or not. If you are not aware than no need to worry I will also discuss about APA abstract in this article. So, that you can write an impressive abstract and can take appraisals from everyone.


APA Abstract Format

If we talk about apa abstract than it should not exceed word limit 150-250. APA abstract is written for academic documentation purpose, like for books, journalism-related articles etc. The style and format is described by American Psychological Association i.e. APA.

In APA abstract, it all describes or explains about formatting that is how much margin you have to take, what should be font size to write an abstract, what will be the word limit for an abstract etc. It is a complete guide to write an abstract. If you have all the attractive and impressive content for abstract but you don’t have any idea about its format than your whole idea for abstract will not be considered as the best abstract. Or may be rejected also.  So, as you are putting lots of attention for the content you need have knowledge of formatting style also. Formatting and style puts first impression on someone before coming to the content written by you.


Now, if we talk about the matter of the abstract. Your abstract contains three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

As the title specifies in introduction portion, you need to give brief summery about the work you have written.  Or what idea you are going to discuss.

Secondly here comes body, in body you need to describe about your idea which  you shared in first introduction part or you can say brief description of your work.

Than in last, conclusion part you need to wind up all the things. Conclusion pat includes suggestions, results, etc.

Abstract Art

Let’s have a talk about Art world.  Here, in today’s century Art world is expending very much. Abstract art is new eye-catching theme which today’s generations liking very much. Abstract art is drawing something non-objective. It includes colors, texture, line, patterns. In such kind of art, the artist puts his/her deep thoughts and creativity skills. Abstract art can be considered as poem of the poet. Artist depicts story in their art.


It’s not necessary that the artist will make something real. Artist interprets something creative which comes in their mind. It can be a design also something which does not relate to anything, but still it seeks the attention of viewers. Well, it is the specialty of the artist who grabs the viewers’ attention with their work.

Abstract art is new trend in the art world. People use this art work for their home decoration purpose or to make their home, work place look attractive.


Abstract Painting

Abstract painting is something in which the painter’s brush rolls down to depict some skills and creativity in there painting. With their colors, paint, sketches, line, shape they abstract some non-objective creativity. They interpret their imagination in their paintings. The viewers on seeing these paintings abstract the painters thought and creativity. This painting can be scenery, or some imaginary world description, like fairy tales stories or something eye-catching which is non-objective but still eye-catching design etc. This is something mesmerizing that you are unable to ignore these abstract painting. You can consider it as a quality of these paintings.


Abstract Images

Abstract images are something which you can depict using photography also. Abstract image can be an experiment, imagination, non-objective. It’s just a visualization of something which does not belong to real world. You can consider something intangible also. You can make abstract images using photographic tools or materials.

You just need to interpret your thoughts on the screen. You can’t conclude anything from this but you can’t ignore these images also. This is the reason why people nowadays like these images a lot. It all needs your graphic quality skills, which needs proper alignment, shape, choice of color, texture etc to put your thoughts on the board.

Abstract Noun Examples

Abstract noun depicts quality, idea, or state of mind for an object. It basically relates to intangible things like feelings, emotions, concepts, ideas which arises in your mind. Intangible means something which you can’t touch, smell, hear but can feel. Now, hope you get the meaning of the abstract noun.

It is something which you can feel or think. Some examples of the abstract noun are: happiness, sadness, anger, victory, jealousy, love, freedom, wisdom, beauty, brotherhood, etc. these are some examples which can help you to get more clear description of abstract noun.

Moving forward, now coming to the main topic “how to write an abstract” I will tell you important points for how to write an abstract for different purposes.

How to write an abstract APA

Now, I think you have got some idea about the term abstract. So, that we can move towards the point how to write an abstract APA. As I discussed in the starting that apa is American Psychological Association which provides the standard rules or guide for writing an abstract.

It tells you to use proper margins, no. of words to be used. Content should not be repeated. It should be single paragraph description. It should focus on main topic, purpose of writing, findings, results, conclusion and suggestions.  It should not contain irrelevant details which do not match to your content. You can also write problems or issues you faced during work. And very important that thing you need to keep in mind everything you are writing should follow hierarchy i.e. should be order. While summarizing the abstract keep all these points in your mind.


How to write an abstract for Research Paper

Research papers, you can consider them used as academic purposes. They can also be used for authors research, thesis etc. The research paper can be considered as a paper in which you write your research for the particular topic. So, in abstract of research paper, you have to write interpretation and analysis of your findings for the research paper. You have to write the purpose of the research paper, problems occurred in your research, investigations, and methods, basic designing of your study, findings, results or you can also add your future research also in it. It is in simple words a summary of your research period.

How to write an Astract for the lab report

When you are writing an abstract for lab report keep these points in your mind which I’m going to interpret now here.

  • Purpose of writing an abstract.
  • Methods which are used or implemented in the abstract.
  • Scope of your report.
  • Results or findings in your report.
  • Conclusion or recommendation if any in the last part of your abstract.

Following these points, you can write an effective and impressive cover letter for your lab report. Now, here you need write regarding treatments, experiments you did in your lab work. If there occur some issues while making your theoretical reports you can add also them in this. You can compare your results with your purpose/ objective and make suggestions on the basis of your result.

How to write an Abstract for a Paper

When we discuss paper, then here the term paper can an article or essay, in which you did not have done research but you write on a particular topic. While writing the abstract first thing you have to do is, complete your writing work first and then come to the abstract part. It will really help you to write the relevant content as you know what you have written apart from writing abstract first when all things are in your mind will tough for you to interpret in abstract. In it, you can write the brief introduction regarding topic. Or you can also add your experience while writing this paper. In the end you can add references, suggestions for the paperwork you have written.

How to write an Abstract for a Thesis

In thesis, an abstract is considered as main component. An abstract comes after the title page. The abstract is considered as the reflection of your thesis. The examiner will first read your abstract as he/she don’t have that much time to read your thesis. Your abstract will give them idea of your thesis. What you have written in it and the purpose behind thesis. So, you can imagine how your abstract helps in judging your work. So, it should be written in proper format and style. While writing abstract keep all these points in your mind. Write an abstract which is reflecting your work, research, problems/issues you have faced how you take help or overcome from that, your active participation and enthusiasm for your work.

Thesis with bad content in the abstract can lose your chances for beating examiner expectations from you. He/she will not be able to get the purpose/objective of your writing or What kind of work you have done. So, try to write an abstract which is highlighting your work, your purpose and objective very clearly to the examiner.


How to write an Abstract in APA format

While writing an abstract in APA format, keep all the guidelines in your mind which are maintained in apa rules and guide. Here you to capitalize your title. Your font size should be 12 and in times new roman (font style). There should be double space that is there should be space between two lines. There should be the proper margin of one inch. Word limit should not exceed. Your abstract should of one paragraph. At the top the word “Abstract” should be at the centre position.

By following these guidelines,, I think you can write more attractive abstract which is concise and giving whole idea about your written work. People mostly like short and informative content. The presentation plays an important role in reflecting your hard work. So, these standard guidelines are also doing the same for you. You just need to focus or implementation of your content within these guidelines. You don’t need to think about font size style and all other factors.

How to write an Abstract for a Dissertation

A dissertation is the final project or assessment which you have to submit in the last or final year of your studies. It is basically the document which you submit at the end of your studies, or your final exam. You will get degree after submission of the dissertation. That means your whole hard work will be addressed in this dissertation. So, it also mean that it is very important for your future as your degree is based on this. And writing an abstract for this is also becomes important as the examiner or guide will going to look at your abstract to check your work. In that why you just need follow the apa abstraction rules also as they can help you to write an impressive abstract. Keep all the rules in your mind. Try to interpret all your work in this abstract which clearly reflecting your work. And one more thing you have to do is before submissions of the dissertation review your abstract. Make sure that your dissertation is specifying the purpose to the viewer or not.

How to write an Abstract for a Project

The project mainly based on some demand or to solve some problem. So, in that case you need to mention the purpose or need to do that project. An abstract for project should include:

  • Introduction that is purpose of doing this project.
  • Problem description on which you have made the project. Problem which you need o solve by this project.
  • Steps/procedures you used or implemented to solve the problem.
  • Final result or outcome whether it is up to your expectations or not.
  • In the end you need to conclude everything. You can also put suggestions also. Your conclusion should reflect your purpose. You can also attach references also.

Before submissions of your project take a review of all the content you have written in it. If it needs any changes you can make changes also.

In the end, I hope this topic will help you a lot for writing abstract. I tried my best to serve you as much as I can about how to write an abstract

So, these are some abstract writing tips and information regarding abstract writing which I delivered to you in this article. Hope, your concept about the term abstract is clear now and you can easily write an abstract for your particular documentation. I tried to cover up all the necessary point about how you can write an abstract for different fields or for different purposes. But still if you think that I have skipped some points which are necessary to discuss than you can write that points in comment section. Please don’t hesitate for giving feedback. It will help me improve my writing. Off course, if I improve my writing than it is also beneficial of the viewers who read my articles.